What Is Even Worse Is That The Developer Also Tries To Capture Much Of The Value Of The Later Stages In Advance From The Buyer, And Often Succeeds In Doing So.

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When your parents’ generation bought property, they often did so at an early stage. As a result, all the gains from the second to the fifth point above accrued to them over two or three decades. Now, you typically buy an apartment from a real estate developer, and all gains from stage one to three accrue to him. What is even worse is that the developer also tries to capture much of the value of the later stages in advance from the buyer, and often succeeds in doing so. The intense marketing hype around real estate developments is intended to convince you that one day in the imminent future, the property you are buying will be among the most desirable in your part of country. Therefore, you must pay up now. To put things in investment terms, your acquisition price is at a high multiple of a value that will supposedly be attained in the far future. Therefore, the price of a property in South Mumbai or South Delhi may have grown 50 times in 50 years. However, the flat on the outskirts of these cities that someone is trying to convince you is worth `5 crore today is not going to be saleable for `250 crore in another 50 years, because the developer has factored in much of the future value into the current price. The real estate investment model has Vancouver changed, and as far as the individual buyer is concerned, it has changed for the worse. Much worse.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/the-myth-of-real-estate-profits/articleshow/58567391.cms


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